Willy Paul cries foul and blames Harmonize for his woes

April 16, 2018 at 14:48
Willy Paul cries foul and blames Harmonize for his woes

Willy Paul feels short-changed in his collaboration with Harmonize. The Kenyan gospel singer has expressed his dissatisfaction without directly pointing the accusing finger at Harmonize.

For starters, Willy Paul featured Harmonize in a song dubbed ‘Pilipili’ which was released on April 7th. Harmonize didn’t do much to promote the song like Willy Paul did.

7 days later after ‘Pilipili was dropped, Harmonized released ‘Kwangwaru’ featuring Diamond Platnumz and it became an instant hit. The video is currently trending first on YouTube.

Not enough support

Willy Paul is awestruck that Harmonize’s ‘Kwangwaru’ which was just released two days ago has already garnered 770k views on YouTube while his song ‘Pilipili’ is stuck at 462k views two weeks later.

He claims Harmonize didn’t wholeheartedly support ‘Pilipili’ like he is supporting ‘Kwangwaru’. Pozze even says that the Tanzanian singer is using and dumping people.

“This is so sad! Honestly speaking, let’s not be people who are just after using others. Let’s learn to support. And if we agree to support then let’s do it whole heartedly… it’s a small world we are living in you might be at the top today but remember. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.. learn to live with people! #tafakari,” wrote a distraught Willy Paul.






  1. Victor Amunya : April 16, 2018 at 4:06 pm

    Foreigners do not support ours,vumilia tu

  2. Deal with your fellow its just a lesson

  3. Pole pia

  4. Maji na mafuta haviambatani.

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  6. Mtu amewai kukubishia mlango asubuhi wakati usingizi bado tamu, ilhali amekazana kubisha nawe unajipa moyo atagonga tu achoke aende?…ila waendelea tu hadi aamke akufungulie huku kishingo upande..Pozze Konde Boy felt you needed him that much, alifanya hio ngoma kama hataiki, yani he didint do it to the best as we know Harmonize..kama we ni mtu unajua whats music you can tell..

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  8. Pozze stick to your lane. Prove them wrong. Let em chase you, not the other way round. Harmonize time will end,we had akina Mr nice, Tid…

  9. caxton sila muthui : June 18, 2018 at 12:13 am

    chunga xana !

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