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“I wish I was darker” Huddah confesses, but didn’t she bleach her skin?

January 17, 2018 at 11:22

Huddah’s caramel skin tone has always been envied by many. Unlike her dark brown skin tone from way before the fame and money; the lady now appears more lighter and glowing skin.

According to Huddah, she has never bleached her skin unlike what many think.

The only reason she appears lighter than before is due to the healthy skin products she has been using.

However looking at her photos from back then, its abit obvious to see that the lady might have lightened her skin. Maybe not so much but enough not to be noticed.

Tbt (Huddah)

Huddah’s obsession with dark skin

In a new post, Huddah says that she has been obsessed with dark skin for years now.

She goes on to add saying that in another life she would prefer being born dark skinned, tall and slender since this is what she calls perfection!

Anyway, I guess this is another way to help market her skin products!





  1. She bleached now she wishes she was dark? WTF!

  2. Abraham Kiyeng : January 17, 2018 at 11:42 am

    Ladies amaze me,they are always confused

  3. These girls are just crazy

  4. Wishes,when you bleached??

  5. Okay,what did she think when she lightened her skin?

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