“I won’t play your songs” This is why DJ Mo ‘threatened’ Bahati

November 14, 2017 at 17:17
"I won't play your songs" This is why DJ Mo 'threatened' Bahati

DJ Mo caught many by surprise after telling Bahati that he won’t play his music. Well, it all started after the popular Gospel DJ shared a photo on his gram attracting many comments including that of Bahati.

The professional photo uploaded by baba Ladashabelle left Bahati thinking that it had been inspired by Rambo hence the comment he left saying;

Tuseme hii picha was inspired by Rambo

Baba Ladasha’s post

The gospel DJ on the other went on to comment back telling Bahati that he needed to apologize if he wanted him to play his songs. This was however on a light note since the two were doing this for fan and games.

Bahati’s songs

It has been a whole since the singer released any new projects. Seems that being married and working on new songs is proving to be hard but we are hoping he soon releases new songs!


  1. kumbe ni ufala tu

  2. Lol

  3. Was wondering whats not happening

  4. Kumbe ni para

  5. Funda….i thought it was real

  6. I knew it….but as usual i had to click

  7. This DJ no is being petty…aki I hate petty men..he has issues..he needs to deal wd.

  8. You seem not have read the whole story!

  9. Kindy read the whole story before writing a comment!

  10. Pugaa!!!

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