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“Your game is dead!” Fan tells Jua Cali who hits back with a savage response

January 14, 2020 at 15:13
“Your game is dead!” Fan tells Jua Cali who hits back with a savage response

Jua Cali is among the pioneers of Genge Tone. Back in the early 2000’s together with Nonini and other artists managed to change and take Kenyan music to the next level and there is no debate about this.

Jua Cali with his wife

However since music changes with age – some of his fans feel that Jua Cali should retire; and create space for the young upcoming artists.

This is apparently after working with Ethic who took over the music industry back in 2019 with the new vibe.

So far we understand that he has a full album with these young musicians; but the problem comes in when fans demand something totally different but Jua Cali insists on doing otherwise.

Well, in a series of tweets seen by Ghafla one fan by the name of Phero254 told Jua Cali that he (the fan) stopped listening to his music the moment to started featuring kids in his music. He wrote;

Manze @juacaliGenge I respected you until you started doingine gengetone with kids…
Your game is dead Your legacy dead too#gengetone

Jua Cali’s post

Jua Cali responds

Turns out that Jua Cali is not ready to give up on his career as he went on to reveal about his upcoming album with these same young artists.

According to the Genge Tone veteran rapper both his fans and haters will be hearing more bangers from him this 2020!





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