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Zari converts from Islam to Christianity after nasty breakup!

April 18, 2018 at 10:03
Zari converts from Islam to Christianity after nasty breakup!

It now appears that Zari Hassan is now raising her children as Christians after dumping Diamond Platnumz.

This comes as a big surprise as fans try to figure out whether she had earlier converted to Islam because of her relationship with Diamond and not God.

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Before splitting up with the Tanzanian singer the lady would once in a while step out rocking Buibui’s; but this seems to have changed.

Zari spends her Sundays in church

Since calling her relationship quits, Zari has been spotted in church lately and has even gone ahead to admit she is now a Christian.

Thanks to several videos shared on her Instagram fan pages, one can see that she is also raising Tiffah and Nillan as Christians until they reach 18 years and decide which religion to settle for.

Anyway, others claim that she is doing this to catch Diamond Platnumz attention now that he is busy with other women.





  1. zari trying to catch diamonds attention? hell no. she damped him. his been sleeping around with every vixen y would she need his attention lol

  2. Why would she convert to Christianity just cause her marriage didn’t work out with diamond platnumz????

  3. Allah is still God the where you wanna worship shouldn’t matter. God for Christians m Allah for Moslems.

  4. Islam does not need personal with no stand,yesterday muslim today christian and tomorrow will be at devil religion….

  5. mmmmh congratulations zari that’s a bold decision…..

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