The expensive cars Diamond Platnumz son is now rolling with

March 20, 2017 at 11:06
Diamond Platnumz bonding with his son

Diamond Platnumz is making sure his little prince, Nillan, has the best even at his tender. The singer and his wife recently bought their son amazing and very lavish gifts that has left many talking.

Just like Tiffah Dangote, Diamond Platnumz has purchased very expensive custom made toy cars for his son and we can’t help but wonder how much he spent to get them.

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Diamond Platnumz is loving the fact that he can lavish his little babies with tons of gifts, so it’s no surprise he went ahead to buy new cars for his son yet he could have inherited the ones Tiffah had been bought for before.

For a while now we have seen the singer get out of the way to spend for his son who is the brand ambassador of one popular mall in Tanzania.

From what he wears we can also tell that the little boy is always n designer outfits and so far is the most popular male child in the Tanzanian entertainment scene. But what can one expect when his parents are celebrities in Africa? Well who knows…

Below are photos of the new cars Nillan will be driving when he is grown up.

Prince Nillan's custom made cars

Prince Nillan’s custom made cars

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