Public Outcry Intensifies As Artiste Languishes In Lang’ata Police Cells After Being Taken For A Terrorist

April 22, 2015 at 13:32

The attack on Garissa University College three weeks ago sent shivers down the spines of Kenyans, with many becoming increasingly cautious with their movements and associations.

The police have also been on high alert after it was established that terrorists are still planning to attack Kenyans even more. This explains why even a single incident cannot be taken for granted by the police.

However, what is now baffling many is the manner in which the authorities are conducting their operations. It seems the wrong people are being targeted as culprits roam freely amidst us.

We are justified to say this after a Nairobi-based photographer who adds up as an artiste was taken into police custody on suspicion of being a terrorist. Worse still is that the artiste is still languishing in Lang’ata police cells after the police refused to release him even after they were told the truth.


Msingi Sasis Bekko was arrested yesterday as he took photos at the Galleria Mall in Karen on suspicion that he was a terrorist. Msingi is a Nairobi Noir photographer and all he was doing was his job.

In a letter addressed to activist Boniface Mwangi by the victim’s brother, Msingi is still being held at Lang’ata Police station and fears that he might disappear because it has happened to others before.

His family fears for their son’s life and the manner in which the police are handling him is just pathetic.

Here is the letter that is doing rounds the social media which was addressed to Boniface Mwangi:


Kenyans have demanded the immediately release of the artiste.


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