Serah Molly beats up Bridget Achieng like a child while filming Nairobi Diaries (Video)

March 20, 2017 at 14:03
Serah Molly

Nairobi Diaries star Bridget Achieng must have had it rough when Serah Molly pounced on her like a professional boxer, beating the h*ll out of her.

I mean, who ever thought that Serah Molly was capable of fighting? Well not me. But in the latest episode set to air later on tonight, fans of the reality show Nairobi Diaries, get to witness a fight that defined that being a BBW doesn’t mean one has strength.

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In a video that’s surfaced on Instagram, Nairobi Diaries star Lady Boss, Bridget Achieng is seen hanging out with Serah Molly after they hooked up to talk some issues out.

However, no one saw that hot head Bridget Achieng would actually be beaten by Serah Molly who has always kept a low profile apart from the time she picked a fight with Mishi Dorah and thanks to Risper and Pendo she actually won the fight.

But in the latest episode, Serah Molly proves that she is not as weak as many people think. She is seen grabbing Bridget Achieng and pushes her to the wall punching her in ways that have left me wondering whether she is  currently taking Karate classes.

Checkout the video below:

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