Making a long drive upcountry for Christmas? Avoid getting stranded with a basic car check before the drive!

December 21, 2020 at 00:13
Making a long drive upcountry for Christmas? Avoid getting stranded with a basic car check before the drive!

This festive week, lots of families will be making long drives to mark Christmas with their families or friends. Due to the prevalent Covid-19 conditions for most of the year, lots of these trips will be made upcountry.

There’s the comfort, flexibility and convenience a car affords one in this situation – and for some, they’ll be looking to hire a car for a few days.

There are a few individual checks one needs to make on the car before a long drive. No one fancies getting a break down at odd hours, middle of a forest.

What are (some) of the checks?

  • Have the tires checked for alignment and pressure.
  • Check the headlights and turn indicators – replace bulbs, or blinking frequencies.
  • The condition of brakes – replace brake pads, and have them tuned.
  • The AC – you don’t need your family stewing in the car on a long drive. They’ll be cranky.
  • Check & top up the coolant.
  • How’s the battery condition? Replace if it’s aged.
  • Check and replace engine oil and oil filters – if necessary.
  • Replace old, worn out wipers – if need be.
  • Make sure the spare tire is in good condition, and the tool kit to change tire if need arises.

Additional important things:

  • Obtain a small fire extinguisher for the car.
  • Tag along essential vehicle documents like registration, driving license and insurance.
  • Carry extra essential fuses of the car – if you have the skills to diagnose an electrical mishap.
  • An extra can of engine oil, brake and coolant fluids.
  • Have an emergency car kit – jumper cables, tire sealer, and tire Inflator with pressure check monitor
  • Basics like flash lights, a medical first aid kit and the triangle hazard signs

One other essential aspect is the fuel you purchase along the way. Avoid making purchases from unorthodox, road side dealers.

Most of this fuel is adulterated, and will eventually cause a vehicle break down – or greatly reduce performance.

Purchase fuel at established fuel stations only.

Another plus is that purchasing at established fuel stations allows one to make cashless payments – which greatly helps in general personal safety and in the fight against the pandemic.

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Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy responsibly.



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