Mozzart supports the Kenya Police force with a donation of PPE’s worth Ksh 4 Million

March 30, 2021 at 18:11
Mozzart supports the Kenya Police force with a donation of PPE's worth Ksh 4 Million

Helping Kenya’s healthcare system has been a priority in Mozzart’s socially responsible work in recent months.

But, the goal of these actions is not only to improve working conditions of health workers, but also to establish support for the entire community.

Leading gaming company Mozzart donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) worth Ksh 4 Million to the Kenya Police on Tuesday 30 March.

The donated equipment included isolation gowns, nitrile powder free gloves, shoe covers, 3ply face masks with shields, 3ply protective face masks and disposable bags.

At hand to receive the donation was Mr. Nyale Munga, the Principal Assistant to the Inspector General of Police Hilary Mutyambai who thanked Mozzart.

“On behalf of the Inspector General and Kenya Police, I would like to thank Mozzart and we hope this is the beginning of a mutually beneficial partnership” He said.

Mozzart Country Director Mr. Sasa Krneta thanked the Kenya Police for serving the country even in the midst of the dangerous Coronavirus pandemic and reiterated the company’s commitment to helping Kenyan communities.

“We appreciate with gratitude the exceptional work the Police Service are doing in the country to ensure there’s peace and safety for everyone. Mozzart is very delighted to donate PPES to the Police in this exceptionally hard times,” he said.

“We hope these PPEs will aid in reducing the spread of the virus. The aim is to protect them (police) and the public in the fight against COVID-19 and to combat the spread,” he added.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mozzart has invested over Ksh 60 million in the fight against Coronavirus by donating vital medical equipment to more than 30 hospitals around the country.

The donations included hospital beds, bed side lockers, patient monitors, oxygen concentrators, surgical masks, infant phototherapy machines, infant incubators amongst others.

The company also launched the “100 Wells for our communities” project that is aimed at delivering clean water to various communities around the country.


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