The bitter-sweet relationship a first car owner has to endure

November 09, 2020 at 01:49
The bitter-sweet relationship a first car owner has to endure

Everyone has a teary story about their first car.

He’ll often tell it with a longing in his voice, a soulful lull on his lips and a far-off gaze in his eyes. This is a relationship smelt and blended in metal, full of heart breaks and God’s mercy.

First cars are the true personification of selfless sacrifice.

Someone will frequent a yard sale, and fall in love with a piece of mid 70’s junk. At this stage, budget is always breadline – a fruitful end to months of savings. To say a lifetime of skipping fun with friends for extra jobs to earn some coins doesn’t give it enough credence.

The resuscitating mechanic is usually a cousin working pro bono, or an indefatigable uncle who somehow believes in your dreams. By God’s grace, the car will start running.

You park it outside your bedroom window, and you spend half the night staring at it in the half-light. The first task in the morning is the day-long wash and scrub.

You possess used tires at a bargain from the neighborhood garage for a start. It’s time to roll.

It’s heavenly, picking up a couple of friends for a drive, to the soccer game. The look on their faces are priceless, especially since some are a year or two older. The girls start to take notice of the silent kid.

The interior may be ripped, stained and smelly.

No matter that it uses a liter of transmission oil every 50 miles.

The stereo kicked the bucket a few decades back, and the dials don’t even turn.

The rickety piece of junk constantly has a billowing cloud of black smoke following behind.

The one prayer on your lips on the entire trip is that the rains do not start, for the wipers do not work.

Your best friend hogs the shotgun seat, and keeps his sneakers firmly planted on the hole on the floor – lest water from the puddles on the road splash inside.

Nobody will say a word.

Nobody will even say a word about the non-functional reverse gear. That part of the transmission packed up ages ago. They are just impressed that you own a car, and driving it.

You wouldn’t care, anyways.

That piece of junk meant no more queues at bus stops (at the mercy of pick pockets). No more begging parents for rides. No more places you couldn’t go – Ok, let’s say within a 20-mile (walking) radius from home.

That car represented FREEDOM!

If only people were so easy to impress today!

That was in the mid 90’s. It’s neither here nor there, but everything has greatly turned out for the better. It’s not just in car engineering, with better transmissions and inline or slanting cylinders – but, also in the economics of car ownership.

Presently, it’s as easy as ABC, to own a ride, brand new. It doesn’t matter if the need is business-driven or family-oriented, one can drive home.

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