Huddah Monroe reveals why she’s currently not charging men to sleep with her

Sex for money, not with the current Huddah Monroe. The petite socialite has revealed she’s no longer charging anyone to sleep with her.

Some two years ago Huddah Monroe used to charge people who slept with her. She sold her stuff at exorbitant price that was out of reach of most middle class Kenyans.

Huddah charged clients $10,000 in 2015

Sometimes in March 2015, someone masquerading as a potential client contacted Huddah for her services. The socialite revealed she was charging $10,000 for a taste of her cookie jar.

Huddah Monroe currently doesn’t charge anyone for sex. The socialite explained that no one can afford to pay for her cookie jar.

Huddah revealed that rich men were desperate to pay her any amount to sleep with her just because they want to add her name on the list of women they have slept with.

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