According to Justice Nzioka, Monica Kimani’s death was a homicide.

Image: The late Monica Kimani

ustice Grace Nzioka of the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi has declared Monica Kimani’s death a clear case of homicide. Speaking on Friday, Justice Nzioka stated that the prosecution successfully proved the death was unlawful based on evidence from a doctor’s examination.

According to Justice Nzioka, Dr. Njenga, who examined the body, did not testify to circumstances that would indicate excusable homicide. The doctor clarified that there was no evidence of strangulation, gunshot wounds, or anything unusual in the pancreas. He explained that the blood oozing from the nostrils was due to the throat being slit at the level of thyroid glands and emphasized that the wound would not have been inflicted after death.

Consequently, Justice Nzioka concluded, “Therefore, this is a clear case of homicide that falls outside the excusable homicides, and so, the finding of this court is that the prosecution has proved that the death was unlawful.”

The murder trial involves Jowie as the first accused person and Jacque Maribe, charged in 2018. Monica Kimani’s body was discovered at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani. The prosecution called 35 witnesses during the trial, while the defence opted not to present any witnesses.

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