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Adorable: Willis Raburu’s father meets his look alike grandson for the first time (Photos)

November 11, 2021 at 14:36
Adorable: Willis Raburu’s father meets his look alike grandson for the first time (Photos)

Media personality Willis Raburu was blessed with a bouncing baby boy about 4 months ago when girlfriend, Ivy Namu welcomed their first child.

The two love birds however decided to keep their baby off social media for the first 12 weeks before unveiling his first photo. As seen on social media, Ivy Namu was the one who unveiled her son’s face and for a minute fans thought that the young man looked more like his mother.

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Willis Raburu’s girlfriend with their son

Probably because of the facial structure and the adorable small nose that matches that of mummy, Ivy Namu. However we now stand corrected that Raburu’s baby boy is actually a replica of his grand dad, Mr Raburu.

Granddad meets 4 month old grandson

This can be seen in the new photos shared on Willis Raburu’s page, where he flaunts two photos showing the three generation of the Raburu boys.

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Just by looking at grand daddy’s mouth, eyes  and facial expression; one can say that baby Raburu and his grandpa are actually twins. More like Nitolee photocopy story .

The Raburu boys

Well probably the photo shared above doesn’t show much of the resemblance; but I betcha the one shared below brought out the striking resemblance.

The people in this picture all respond to: Mr. Raburu 👑🙏🏾💯

Grandpa Raburu meets grandson


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