After being dumped on wedding day Kamene Goro is just happy to be single, look at what she said 

Relationships haven’t been particularly smooth for former news anchor Kamene Goro. She was dumped barely 12 hours before her wedding and up to today, she has no clue why.

Then, she started dating rapper Calvo Mistari and the minute he declared his love for her, things tumbled and they broke up. We don’t know what happened behind closed doors.

Time out

Kamene is now looking to stay single for a while and mafisi will have to watch from a distance. Taking to social media, the 26 year old said that she’s very much OK being single and unmarried.

“UNMARRIED and proud!!!! To those stereotypes meant to bring us down watch me use it to uplift!!! Team UNMARRIED STAND UP!!!!!,” she captioned a photo that mocked ladies who are unmarried. 


Many of her fans, of course, agreed. A few men however, were bitter with her post.

  • nedchuckbass?????
  • james.kanjaSorry to burst bubbles here but getting & staying married IS AN ACHIEVEMENT. It should not define anyone wether they are or arent but it is an ACHIEVEMENT. Just like getting that better job, a promotion, starting a business, getting an award, etc. They’re all achievements, question is what’s your priority & important to you.
  • lyzzielizzThis is just straight bullshit trying to put us down because of some marital status just pure crap,marriage comes in its own time and for others strong women who can’t be handled by any ordinary man @ kamenegoro
  • cerahmunga@ms._shiku
  • kirstenkanjaSuch stereotypes are horrible. And when a man is 26 he gets no pressure for marriage at all. Once he gets to 40s and is still unmarried he’s labeled an eligible bachelor. Power to us!
  • sylvia_wanjiku_28@kamenegorounmarried babe and happier than these people in houses with niggas the more I see my married friend I just see depression in there eyes don’t know bout them but I love myself too much to be depressed over a nigga seeing a lot of wives going six fit under coz of HIV&AIDS that the husband’s brought in there houses I’m good love I Rather stay this way and concentrate on my money ?❤
  • selfine_oPreach
  • preetie_julesCall me unmarried but those who have been married as I watched them wish they had my simple and extremely peaceful life…full of life, its not an achievement ?

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