After ditching Otile Brown, Jovial drops new jam ‘Deejay’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

Image: Jovial

Sultry singer Juliet Ayub Miriam, alias Jovial, has dropped a new jam days after ditching Otile Brown’s new record label Just In Love Music for David Guoro’s Hailemind Entertainment.

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The song dubbed Deejay is a dedication to her boyfriend Sammi Flinch, who works as a mixx master at Switch TV, and all other disc jockeys.

Jovial and Sammi Flinch
Jovial and Sammi Flinch

Jovial really came through on this jam with her soothing voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to the whole day, even if it’s just a casual conversation.

To add to that, she has this unique ability to vary her voice from melodic to almost coarse and believe you me it’s the best thing that could ever happen to a musician.

The lyrics of the song are simple and you’ll probably master the whole song after listening to it twice, okay maybe thrice.

Of course, you won’t fail to notice that she dropped lamba lolo a couple of times on this jam.

In the chorus she says, “Nicheze kama lamba lolo, uweke kwa mutima wange kisha tudigi digi nicheze*3”

Apart from the sexy video vixens, the other thing that struck me is how seductive Jovial is, especially when she was on the bar counter. I honestly could not get enough of her!


The video, which was shot by the one and only Johnson Kyallo, was brilliantly executed. I, however, felt that it was a bit monotonous because it was only shot in the club but then again it’s a song about DJs.

The audio was produced by Vicky Pon Dis and he also did an impressive job. The beat gives you a feeling that you need to hit the club and have a good time.

If you asked me to rate this song, I would give it a 9/10. Good job jovial!

Watch Deejay below and tell us what you think.

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