After two years, Fathiya Nur, another prominent KTN news anchor, steps down

After two years, seasoned media personality Fathiya Mohamed Nur has parted ways with KTN Home, a station owned by the Standard Group.

Announcing her departure on Wednesday, Fathiya expressed gratitude to KTN management for their trust and support during her tenure.

Reflecting on her achievements, the accomplished news anchor and reporter highlighted the launch of her own television program as a significant milestone.

“Time for a brand new story! It’s been almost two years as a News Anchor at KTN News. I’m so, so proud of what I have achieved. Key highlight: Birthing my international news programme, World Report, which is now a flagship show at KTN News! Thanking God for leading me through this journey and onto greater things. Excited for the new chapter,” Fathiya Mohamed stated upon her departure from KTN.

Fathiya initially joined KTN two years ago after departing from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) following a four-year tenure.

Interestingly, Fathiya had previously left KTN in August 2018 to join the BBC before returning to KTN in June 2022.

Upon leaving the BBC for KTN, she expressed her appreciation for her time there, stating, “It’s been a great four years at the BBC. I have learnt and grown so much. BBC has opened many doors for me and I’m always gonna be grateful but for now time for a new challenge. #Alhamdulillah.”

She also extended her gratitude to her colleagues at the BBC and her “breakdown team” for their support and camaraderie.

Throughout her career, the talented journalist has also contributed to CGTN and K24 TV.


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