Akothee attacks Jaguar again, says he’s not a real man

Akothee is still on the warpath against former Starehe MP and current CAS Jaguar. Last week he compared his wealth to Akothee’s and said that if you are ever richer than him he would quit making music and this did not sit well with the controversial and vociferous artist.

‘You’re Bragging With Tax-Payers Money’- Akothee Responds To Jaguar Claiming He’s Richer Than Her

He had previously taken to social media to say that key in essence is not a man because he is in competition with a woman. This shaming tactic seems to have worked as it got her fans as well as his in a frenzy.

And just when you thought she had said her peace she took to social media once again with more vitriol for Jaguar. This time she made her attack more pointed arch told him that before he ever they need to compare himself to a woman he needs to ensure he has a uterus. Jaguar is yet to reply.


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