Akothee crucifies bloggers for her sins, says ‘Mtanilipa 300M’

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As soon as I came across Akothees latest post on Instagram where she threatened to sue bloggers…immediately Jay Rock ft kendrick lamar’s certain song started playing at the back of my mind jamming to miss with that bullsh.t….cause someone is tripping.

Akothee performing

And nothing personal but is it just me or does Akothee always cast the first stone before she crying foul or rather portraying herself as the victim? Okay – you see Akothee is now complaining about bloggers writing negative stories about her on social media instead of focusing on her music or projects like they should.

But again, if the drama in her personal life is more interesting than her music, why blame the messenger delivering news. Right?


Anyway as seen on a new post the singer threatened to sue bloggers for Ksh 300M….a statement she put out shortly after claiming these same bloggers are broke keyboard warriors, poor at heart and bitter broke…..but still wants to sue them for Ksh 300M? Zima hiyo kitu.

Akothee brand depends on clout

Well, truth is – Akothee did not lie about bloggers not focusing on her music and she wasn’t also wrong about that broke part…I mean who isnt?


Most of kenyan bloggers are beggers per say ,poor at heart and bitter broke.. They will ignore your good deeds, your achievements and only look at how they can bring you down ,it fulfills their emptiness. I once refused to go for an interview with a certain blog ,when they said they wanted me to talk about my life ,to inspire peioke , ” “me Inspire people ???????? with 3 baby daddies & broken relationships?” And I told them I will come and talk about my business and my music career, that was the End of our engagement ????????????, they never post my shit and I equally don’t miss them ,I am a blogger myself .and I only blog about my life because I have one .


To All kenyan Bloggers ,This is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand ,tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my Brand . I don’t need you ,you need my content , period . Wacheni kunipost sitaki

But come to think of it, Akothee’s brand depends on the drama revolving around her. For some reason her fan base wants to hear about the famiky fights, the baby daddy drama, her life and kids….and not what song she just dropped or what mzungu she is currently dating.

If you don’t believe me….watch how the lady will make news this week compared to the past few weeks she’s been oversharing stuff about her new man.

Again….I don’t think Akothee should be pointing guns at bloggers calling them names – just to get their attention….wewe weka family drama and sit down we help you clout chase.

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