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“Am financially fit” Prezzo responds after claims he gave Tanzanian studio his bling bling as collateral

October 17, 2017 at 08:46
"Am financially fit" Prezzo responds after claims he gave Tanzanian studio his bling bling as collateral

Prezzo traveled to Tanzania a fortnight ago for various engagements. Apparently the rapper begged top studios in Tanzania to record his song.

Word has it that Prezzo moved from studio to studio in search of the cheapest offer. Shaffie Weru confirmed this on his column on the pullout of a local daily.

Reports further claim that Prezzo gave out his jewellery as collateral to be allowed to record. The rapper however refuted claims he has gone broke.

All these allegations are started by haters

Prezzo explained that all allegations against him are created out of jealously. He says he’s financially stable because he tagged along two people when he flew to Tanzania.

“All these allegations give people a rush when they point fingers at me. They will say Prezzo does drugs, but then I’ve never been to rehab even once in my lifetime. All these allegations are formulated out of jealousy. For me to travel with my crew already goes to show we are financially fit. If I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be able to accommodate two other people with me,” said Prezzo.

The controversial rapper also revealed that he bought more jewellery while in Tanzania contrary to claims that he gave out his bling bling as collateral.

“I can even give you my video director’s number. They can confirm that I went there and bought even more jewellery. I came back with more, not less, jewellery. I had my own stylist and I had everything intact. As a matter of fact with three people, we flew there, we didn’t even drive.”




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