Amber Ray Makes Comeback To Syokimau, This Time With Her Own Husband

Socialite Amber Ray is over the moon after moving on to another luxurious house. The mother of two, who is now Kennedy Rapudo’s fiancée, took to her social media to express her exuberance over the new milestone.

However, what caught netizens’ attention was the fact that Amber Ray moved to her previous hood (Syokimau) where she had already piled up numerous drama with her ex-boyfriend’s wife Amira.

She went ahead to claim that she’s now back to Syokimau, but this time, she came with her own man (Kennedy Rapudo)

” Guess who is back in Syokimau? ….. Meeeeeeeeeee! 🥳 This time na bwana yangu 🤣……ni asanda Ngai mwa🙌🏽😇” Amber Ray shared on her Instagram.

Amber Ray made the sentiments through a video where she flaunted her daughter Africannah in tandem with her dad Kennedy Rapudo.

They flaunted the massive apartment, reportedly with 3 floors.

The two lovebirds met during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kennedy Rapudo narrated how he met Amber Ray on the Obinna show. They crossed paths at DNM Park in Mountain View in 2020.

However, at that time, Rapudo chose not to pursue a romantic relationship with Amber because he was already in a different relationship.

As they began to meet up for drinks and spend more time together, Rapudo got to know Amber better and realised she was the right person for him.

They later decided to make their relationship official. Like any other couple, they had their ups and downs and at one time, they parted ways and eventually solved their differences.

In the grand scheme of things, they’re a happy couple who seem to go for the ‘happy ever after’.


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