Amina Mude’s message to husband Ben Kitili will make you think twice when choosing a life partner

Image: Ben Kitili and Amina Mude

The Kitili’s have lately been making headlines of late and from the look of things fans can’t seem to get enough of their online romance.

Well a few weeks ago Amina Mude made headlines after announcing her separation with husband, Ben Kitili. For a minute we all thought this was a joke until she went on to mention that this was best for their kids.

Barely a week after the post, Amina came back with yet another post; and this time around, the lady was out to apologize for making a false post which she blames on anger!

Through her Instagram page, Mrs Kitili wrote;

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 In life it’s very important to own up to your shortcomings! Hey babe @benkitili I remember when we got married, you told me ‘listen Mulky after all is said and done, marriage is not a bed of roses’ I just smiled and thought ni zile advise zako mingi za life. But last week it was so clear that you were right, one moment of anger made me write something stupid and bloggers blew it out of proportion.

Ben Kitili with wifey, Amina Mude

She went on to add;

I have learnt my lessons the hard way. As a wife, it’s my duty to protect my husband. And so I can clear the air, Ben and I are married. He will always be the man I love and honor all the days of my life. #learningfrommymistakes #forwardtogether

Showers hubby with praises

Although she blamed her fake breakup on bloggers (like we had anything to do with their issues) Amina Mude is back with yet another post where she praises her handsome KTN news anchor.

As seen on the post, Amina says her man is patient, understanding and above all a secure man who does not keep on pushing her around. The lass wrote;

The Kitili’s

If you don’t get attention (from other men) it means there is something off with you but hainitetemeshi because I’m settled. When it comes to my husband, I can go somewhere he will never call me, he will never ask nafanya nini because there is trust, he knows me, he knows the kind of person he married even if nimerushwa in a den of men he knows how I will deal with it.

Well, if your man or woman keeps bugging you every now and then – I guess it’s time to get you a new person, no?

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