Andrew Kibe Regrets Getting Married, Says The Church Forced Him To Do So

Image: Andrew Kibe

In a recent interview, Kenyan content creator Andrew Kibe discussed his past relationship and his perspective on marriage. Kibe admitted to regrets over past romantic encounters, referencing a situation where he missed an opportunity due to hesitation.

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However, the main focus of the interview shifted towards his estranged wife. Kibe revealed they never officially divorced, characterizing the relationship as difficult.

“No, we never went down that road. Just the way it is with any other man, it is a toxic relationship. It is a bit more complicated than that. It is there somewhere. If she one day files for divorce, we shall deal with it there; I am not interested in remarrying, so for me, it’s not a big deal. I know she’s waiting for me to be richer than I am now. I am super valuable I know how to make riches. If I want money I can make money.

He placed some blame on societal and religious pressures that, in his view, often push men into marriage.

Despite the unresolved marital status, Kibe expressed no desire to remarry. He suggested his ex-wife might wait for him to accumulate more wealth before filing for divorce, but he remains unfazed by the situation. Kibe emphasized his confidence in his ability to generate income if needed.

Watch his full interview below;

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