Risen From The Dead? Black Cinderella Spotted In Uganda After Faking Her Own Death

News of Maureen Imbayi’s, known as “Black Cinderella,” passing spread on social media on April 24th through a statement posted on her own accounts. However, the circumstances surrounding the announcement have raised questions among fans.

The statement, attributed to Imbayi’s family, did not disclose the cause of death. This, coupled with Imbayi’s past actions, has led some netizens to doubt the news’ veracity.

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Previously, Imbayi had been known to fabricate events, including a reported instance of faking her daughter’s death.

Further fueling the confusion are unconfirmed reports suggesting Imbayi has been seen in Uganda with her daughter.

As of now, the cause of death and the validity of the online announcement remain unclear. The single mother of one gained popularity through acting in Nairobi Diaries. Even though she remained low-key for a while, she couldn’t eschew remaining relevant. She has been having a couple of controversies, including the time she accused Obinna for mis-using her, and faking her daughter’s death, among others. The struggle to remain relevant is real to Black Cinderella. Reason for faking her own death is unclear.

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