Another 23 year old young man allegedly jumps off building few meters from where Jeff Mwathi died – Parents suspect foul play

There is nothing as painful as a parent learning of his child’s death. It’s actually a feeling that has no right words to describe the kind of pain a parent feels after a loss.

Mama Jeff Mwathi actually said she still can’t find the right feeling to feel for her to finally accept that her baby boy – a happy ambitious soul is no more. While she battles with this – another 23 year old boy identified as Blair Muthomi is said to have allegedly jumped from the sixth floor – different building from whete Jeff Mwathi met his death.

However unlike Jeff who had been visiting – we understand Blair Muthomi was a resident at the building where he shared a house with 2 other men and from what the landlord said is that they had been cost sharing to pay rent.

Blair Muthomi allegedly jumps off rooftop

Parents speak

Well – not quite sure what really happened but from stories making rounds on social media is that Blair Muthomi allegedly jumped off from the rooftop…..landing…leaving his organs splattered in a suspicious manner. Speaking to the press, Muthomi’s uncle opened up saying;

When we were shown the remains of the boy, his internal organs were splattered everywhere making us suspicious if the death was accidental

His mum on the other hand could not express her feelings in words…and just looking at how broken she appeared….truth is – no parent deserves such pain. Speaking on her son’s demise, she said;

I have a heavy heart because this is my firstborn, we have not even broken the message to his siblings because we do not know what to say.


All I want is for my boy to get the justice he deserves, we need to know what caused his death.

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