Are you joining Raila’s call to boycott The Star, KCB and Safaricom?

Raila Odinga recently called for Kenyans to hold a nationwide protest over the insane costs of living and many of his supporters headed the all to action.

Will The ‘Maandamano’ Monday Protests Change Anything?

Protests broke out across Western Kenya as well as the coastal region and the capital of the nation, Nairobi.

Business ground to a halt as most proprietors chose not to open their business premises to avoid looters and criminal elements who often hide within the fray of demonstrations.

#Maandamano: Maseno Student shot dead by police

But Raila Odinga was not done with his call, he decided to go after a bank, a telco and a media company: KCB, Safaricom and The Star.

So far, only the star has seen members of the industry its a member of come out in support of it. Kenya Union of Journalists has condemned the move by Azimio leader Raila Odinga to ask his supporters to boycott Radio Africa Group products.

#Maandamano: Police in Kisumu overwhelmed by protesters

The Kenya Editors’ Guild has described the statement made by chief opposition leader Raila Odinga on boycotting the Star newspaper as an insult to media freedom.


That’s because the media industry is already reeling with most companies having to lay off a lot of staff members.

Now the question that remains is whether or not you, dear reader would support Raila’s call to boycott these 3 companies ama wewe hapana tambua boycott.


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