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Bahati’s Viral Video Grinding On Terence’s Wife Milly Chebby Causes Public Uproar (Video)

October 24, 2022 at 13:34
Bahati's Viral Video Grinding On Terence's Wife Milly Chebby Causes Public Uproar (Video)

After weeks of circumventing loss of Mathare parliamentary seat, singer Bahati is finally back on social media with a bang. His first move was to release a song to make his comeback. He proceeded to heal by treating himself to a sumptuous holiday.

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Naughty Bahati

Recently, the singer was spotted grinding on Terence Creative’s wife Milly Chebby. The video has soon gone viral, and has roped in numerous reactions from both fans and celebrities. Milly is seen bending over as Bahati closes in to grind on her. Some have rebuked the singer’s cheeky behaviour; and called him out for misbehaving with someone’s wife.

The intriguing thing is Bahati’s heavily expectant wife, wife Diana Marua was part of the whole circus. Some fans marvelled at the act since both parties were having fun without necessarily involving much feelings.





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