Beef Galore! Eric Omondi At Loggerheads With Artists Following His Statement On Kenyan Music

Kenyan artists are now losing their cool after comedian Eric Omondi’s latest statement that undermined the local  music industry in terms of performance. The latest musicians to go into a frenzy of rage are Bien and Savara of Sauti Sol; who have scolded the comedian; stressing on his subtle clout chasing stunts that he has been employing recently.

Artists Gang Up On Eric

Bien, on his twitter wrote;

”Eric Omondi is the buttcrack of comedy. What he does in the name of entertainment and comedy is shambolic. Its not good marketing either. It is clout chasing deadbeat clowning. That is not art. Our industry is in transition. We just got our groove after a pandemic.”

In support to this, Savara of Sauti Sol reiterated Bien’s statement as he wrote;

”I wonder why we give people like Eric Omondi attention. Someone who does anything to trend in the name of comedy. Sasa ona mmempatia attention tena. Yani mpaka una dance uchi na watoto ndio ujulikane zaidi. The music scene is starting to thrive…”

Eric Omondi, in his defense reacted over the latter by writing on his Instagram;

”It is EXTREMELY SADDENING that no one is listening to my very valid point. Instead these Musicians keep defending themselves and Insulting me. Sasa @bienaimesol na @savarafrica wameona tu wanitusi????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️…The first step to SOLVING any problem is ACCEPTING there is one and SURELY our Music Industry has not been the same. My MESSAGE is we LOST Something and my POINT is together we can FIND IT and BRING it back. @sautisol @khaligraph_jones and @bahatikenya you are our only hope but TRUTH BE TOLD tangu MUOE things have not been the same????????????…”



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