Behind the controversy: Who is Anne Sumbeiywo (Nick Odhiambo’s wife)?

Media personality Nick Odhiambo has been in the spotlight since his grand wedding in Kajiado county, causing a buzz across social media platforms where numerous celebrities and politicians have extended their congratulations.

Nick himself shared a captivating photo of his wife, Anne Sumbeiywo, lovingly referring to her as his queen. Taking to Instagram, Odhiambo wrote, “Meet my queen, Mrs. Odhiambo. Aka my baby girl.”

Details about Anne are scarce,but thanks to Lioz Ngigi, we have some information that was uncovered.

According to her social media bio, Anne is a versatile professional currently serving as a consultant with the End Malaria Council. Her expertise spans program and project management, data collection and analysis, strategic communication, organizational management, human resource management, consultancy, regulatory compliance, and resource mobilization.

Described as resourceful and proactive, Anne boasts over 15 years of experience across diverse public and private sector environments. She excels in initiating and implementing initiatives that enhance operational efficiency, consistently exceeding corporate goals with her adeptness in team building and leadership.

With a solid background in human resources and organizational management, Anne demonstrates her proficiency in overseeing projects from inception to completion within allocated budgets and timelines. Additionally, she boasts over seven years of experience in the travel industry.

Anne pursued her master’s degree at the United States International University, although little information regarding her origin and family is available online.

Background: Nick Odhiambo

Nick Odiambo hails from a family with diplomatic ties and enjoyed a privileged upbringing that exposed him to various countries. Initially attending Kanga High School before transferring to Ruiru High School, where he completed his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in 2004.

For his tertiary education, Nick enrolled at Graffins College and African Virtual University. This year marks his 18th anniversary as a radio presenter, with his radio journey commencing at Classic 105 in 2006. He later joined Standard Group’s Radio Maisha before transitioning to Royal Media’s Hot 96 in 2021.

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