Bensoul’s 22 Year Old Baby Mama Responds To Baby Trapping Allegations (Screenshot)

Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany Wanjiru has addressed critics who have been claiming that the lass trapped Bensoul by having his kid. Bensoul was exposed of impregnating her while he was still in a relationship. Bensoul and Tiffany’s relationship came to limelight after it was revealed on Edgar Obare’s BNN platform that he had cheated on his girlfriend and got Tiffany pregnant.

Bensoul Addresses Baby Trapping Allegations

Through her Instagram Q&A, Tiffany went ahead to rubbish the claims of baby trapping the sol generation artist; maintaining that getting pregnant was part of her life plan.

One inquisitive fan asked;

How does it feel when people assume you baby trapped Bensoul;

TBH I’m just amazed by how the human brains works sometimes. I mean I had a whole plan laid out for my life. A baby is a huge responsibility for anyone just to keep a pregnancy for the fun of it or with expectations of trapping a guy… All I can say is I kept this baby after 2 months of contemplating on what to do.”

She continued to state that he doesn’t regret getting pregnant- but contradicted her statement on readiness of pregnancy at an early age.

”No, I have never regretted it. I just wish I had gotten pregnant with someone is a happy as I am about the pregnancy. It wasn’t in my plan to get pregnant at 22. I was waiting till I was like 30 to do this but atleast I’ve started early..’.’

The young lady is expecting her bundle of joy in less than 2 months.




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