“Bila wewe ningekuwa nimebakwa” Prezzo’s ex lover Amber Lulu thanks Mbosso for rescuing her from rapist

Amber Lulu would be telling a different story today were it not for Mbosso. The popular video vixen has come out to reveal the Wasafi singer saved her from being raped.

The Tanzanian video vixen, who dated Kenyan rapper Prezzo for a year, opened up about the near rape incident on her birthday message to Mbosso.

Mbosso turned a year older on Thursday October 4th, the Wasafi singer will be celebrating his birthday this Friday together with his boss Diamond Platnumz who turned 29 on Tuesday October 2nd.

Friendly and kind-hearted

Amber Lulu described Mbosso as a kind and sympathetic person on her birthday message to him. She didn’t divulge more details about the near rape incident but she wholeheartedly thanked Mbosso for what he did for her.

“Happy birthday ???? @mbosso_ kuna watu waachee tu mungu awape roho zao sio za kawaida unakumbuka @mbosso_ bila ww leo katika maisha yangu ningekuwa na stor ya kubakwa ? na Sijawah kusikia popote mpaka leo nimeongea mwenywe happy birthday ?????,” wrote Amber Lulu.


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