Boniface Mwangi lands continental job after being banned from attending president Uhuru’s function

Boniface Mwangi was recently thrown out of a function attended by president Uhuru Kenyatta. He was briefly arrested at NYS pass out parade in Gilgil on Friday November 16th.

He clashed with authorities after he started documenting how police were confiscating food, drinks and throwing everything on the floor at the pass out parade.

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Continental job

Boniface’s activism has now landed him a new job, the fiery activist has been appointed the new Ambassador of Africans Rising.

He broke news about his new appointment in a tweet, Boniface also announced that his first assignment will be in Gambia before later travelling to Tanzania, Nigeria and Ghana next month.

“I am excited to start my role as @AfricansRising’s Ambassador. Heading to Gambia for my first assignment as Africans Rising Ambassador. I will be in Tanzania in early December. Nigeria and Ghana, see you mid Dec. I promise to continue shining a light on suffering and injustice,” Boniface tweeted.




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