Boniface Mwangi to Mohammed Ali: We’ve been friends for over 10 years but am extremely disappointed by your behavior as an MP

People really change when they get to parliament, Mohammed Ali has shocked Kenyans by his behavior since he was elected to the August House as Nyali MP.

Moha was the beacon of hope for millions of poor Kenyans whose only wish is for MPs to be accountable for public funds and stop being greedy.

The former KTN investigative journalists vowed to fight for poor Kenyans from within parliament. But now it’s obvious Moha has joined the greedy MPs, he is one of them.


Moha was among Kenyan legislators who traveled to Russia to watch the World Cup on taxpayers money. Can you imagine how hot the exposé would have been if he was still a journalist?

Moha’s friend Boniface Mwangi called him out over his behavior as an MP. The rights activist reminded Moha that he is the people’s last hope in parliament.

Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi
Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi

“As someone who has known @mohajichopevu as a friend, comrade for over 10 years am extremely disappointed by his behaviour as an MP. He has four more years to go and l pray that he doesn’t forget why he was elected by the people of Nyali. He was our last hope in parliament,” wrote Boniface Mwangi.


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