Brendah Jons ‘Mama Kingstone’ and cheating girlfriend back together barely a month after dramatic breakup

So, I don’t even know where to begin but y’all remember that crazy embarrassing breakdown that mama Kingston aka Brendah Jons had a few weeks ago following her breakup with bae, Phy?

Well, guess what…the two are back together as if nothing ever happened and from the look of things, Brendah is doing the most to keep her boo entertained.

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Asking how? well, the two hinted about their possible reunion using photos from their late night dinner at popular 5 star hotel.

Brendah Jons

From Phy Lamar’s stories we also understand that they spent the night there – so yea, clearly the love was rekindled! Tutaambia watu nini.

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Love heals all wounds?

Although they’re together – chances are that they may have seen a business opportunity with their relationship, that is judging from social media reacted to Brendah’s drank breakdown, so why not invest?

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Anyway, whether genuine or not, at least Brendah Jons is getting the love she was publicly crying for, while Phy Lamar on the other hand is living the celebrity life she has been chasing for years… I mean, Brendah said Phy likes the ‘celebrity attention’ right?

Brenda Jon’s introduces new girlfriend

So…does that mean Phoina is done with Phy Lamar or this is a damage control move now that they’ve seen how dramatic Brendah Jons can get?

And…whatever happened to the other girlfriend Brenda Jons was kissing, meaningless rebound?

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