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Meet the lady that dumped ‘Plesident Kingston’ creator for Phoina Beauty (Photos)

September 28, 2021 at 10:23
Meet the lady that dumped ‘Plesident Kingston’ creator for Phoina Beauty (Photos)

Heartbroken people often tend to look for solutions in alcohol but truth is; liquor doesn’t go so well with – a bitter heart and Brenda Jons already confirmed this for us.

As seen on the live video shared on Saturday, 25th September; Brenda Jons not only broke down following her ex girlfriend’s betrayal; but also abused and accused Phoina Beauty of snatching her girlfriend – yet they were all friends.

Brenda Jon’s introduces new girlfriend

See why women are a feared species.

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Anyway judging from what Brenda Jons said, Phoina is the reason why Lamar decided to walk out on her; knowing very well that she had invested her love in this relationship.

Part of the rainbow community

The story comes at a time when many were curious about Brenda Jon’s sexuality; especially after her suggestive comment about Michelle Ntalami.

Comedian/media personality Brenda Jon’s

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Well looking back – I guess the comment was aimed at making Lamar jealous; but again didn’t Brenda Jon’s portray her like a woman who dates celebrities to gain a following?

Anyway below are a few photos of the hot lady confusing the likes of Brenda Jons; and Phoina on social media, if not in real life.


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