Bridget Achieng addresses Edgar Obare’s ‘army’ after receiving serious insults in her DM

Image: Bridget Achieng speaks after teenage boy allegedly lost his life at her Nai Fest event

Bridget Achieng clearly wants to remain relevant for some reason; and I bet the best way is attacking Edgar Obare – and look we’re actually talking about her! Not bad.

Anyway just a few days ago Brijo issued a lengthy statement explaining why Edgar Obare; is getting what he deserves (brother getting kidnapped and tortured); and truth is – mmmh the beef is getting a bit too personal for no good reason.

Ms Achieng doing what she does best

Okay yes, Edgar may have exposed her fake life style, like the flat tummy and slimming pills she sells; but wasn’t the information coming from Bridget’s old former friends?

Bridget Achieng

Hits back at Obare’s following

Well with the harsh statement shared on her page, Bridget Achieng remains unapologetic; and from her latest post – looks like she is willing to engage Obare’s fans.

Thisnis after dedicating a new post where she wrote;

I got a question for the haters after you send hateful messages do you genuinely feel better?


If you genuinely do then carry on. I’m here to make people feel better.


See what she did there….Bridget does love the attention.


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