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“Bro am not desperate” Mohammed Ali fires back at Boniface Mwangi after face to face meeting

October 15, 2018 at 08:13
"Bro am not desperate" Mohammed Ali fires back at Boniface Mwangi after face to face meeting

Boniface Mwangi and Mohammed Ali had a  meeting over the past weekend at the request of the Nyali MP. The two spent over five hours just talking.

“I got a call from Nyali MP @mohajichopevu requesting we meet. We spent over five hours talking,” said Boniface Mwangi.

The Rights Activist went on to post details of what he discussed with Moha. Basically the Nyali MP was seeking Boniface’s help to clean his image.

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Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi

Mohammed Ali and Boniface Mwangi

Trust is like virginity

Boniface criticized Moha after their meeting, he said that the Nyali MP was only running back to Kenyans after benefiting from the proceeds of corruption.

“Trust is like virginity; you lose it once, and Moha lost our trust after he started hanging out and praising William Samoei Ruto, a man perceived by Kenyans to be the most corrupt politician in office today. So, Ruto’s son is coming back to us, to the side of Kenyans, the people who defied political parties and supported and voted for him as an independent. l hope, this time, he stays. #TeamCourage #SemaUkweli,” wrote Boniface Mwangi.

Mohammed Ali quickly responded to Boniface in a post on social media, he said that he didn’t need his validation.

“My Bro @bonifacemwangi Im not desperate for your validation. Home is Kenya. Asante! #DuniaGunia,” wrote Moha.



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