Caroline Mutoko opens up about her son for the time

Image: Caroline Mutoko and daughter

Renowned media personality Caroline Mutoko is a mother of two! Yes, she recently revealed that she has a baby boy who is 1 year five months.


Caroline Mutoko

Speaking with speech therapist Lorna Muthamia Ochido in an interview don through her YouTube channel; Ms Mutoko goes on to reveal that she has a 17 months old (1 year five months) baby boy whose first words sister’s name ‘Kuku’ since he can’t pronounce Nduku.

Caroline Mutoko

My housekeeper used to say that the first words my son would say are Nduku and I used to laugh at her. Sure enough when the boy uttered his first words, he said nduku as ‘kuku.’

Private life

For those who have been keeping close tabs on Caroline Mutoko understand that she is one media personality who prefers to keep her personal life private.

Caroline Mutoko rarely shares matters regarding her family and I bet this is why it has taken her quite a while to reveal that she has a son. Speaking through her YouTube channel Ms Mutoko once opened up saying;

For some people, it’s a non-negotiable (sharing their personal life on social media), I am one of those people. It is not up for discussion and for me if you ask anyone who works in media like Caroline Mandi of True Love she will tell you that I am very clear, my home is off-limits. My home is not available and my circle of friends have the sort of lives and jobs that can’t afford nonsense and actually sometimes we both need plausible deniability to each other. So I don’t share that. I feel that sharing that leaves me very little in terms of places I could retreat to a cocoon or cave of love and understanding and just us-ness that has nothing to do with the rest of you. So yes some people will say no and I am one of them. And even when I have said yes before, I have watched the monster that can be social media and I have to choose very carefully what can be put out there, how much and in what manner.


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