Carrol Sonie Ready For Baby Number Two After Meeting New Boyfriend (Screenshot)

Unlike Mulamwah, Carrol Sonie has proved that she can’t take long to replace her ex. The fact that she’s not tardy in doing the same is doing her more harm than good.

Putting their progeny into consideration, Mulamwah and Sonnie haven’t really been co-parenting amicably. They’ve had a nasty separation that has seen them expose their previous secrets, which were supposed to remain surreptitious.

But they’ve put their daughter’s mental health at risk for their online tiffs. I mean, what will happen to their daughter Keilah after she grows up & finds about all the blogs & vlogs about her father & mother causing drama just because of her arrival to the world? It’ll be messy.

To begin with, Mulamwah had tried to reject Keilah claiming that Sonnie was also sleeping with other men while they were in their relationship.

In relation to the latter, Mulamwah claimed that Sonnie had tried to abort Keilah while she was months old. These are among the obnoxious things their daughter will read about when she grows up.

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Sonnie Jumps Into Another Relationship

Mama Keilah recently unveiled that she found another boyfriend. She however, didn’t post his face; for obvious reasons. No face, no case.

But is she really ready to have another kid? Considering if Mulamwah’s sentiments of her aborting were right?

She recently shared via her Insta stories that she’s ready to have another kid.

Instead, Carol should focus on her daughter; and forget about a relationship for now. It’s the right thing for her to do now.

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