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Carrol Sonnie responds to Mulamwah’s accusations of exploiting their daughter for monetary gain

September 19, 2022 at 09:58
Carrol Sonnie responds to Mulamwah's accusations of exploiting their daughter for monetary gain

Break ups are often more ugly when a child is involved and yea we have seen that on social media, our closest friends and some of yall have experienced this first hand. So yea – it’s hard but again time heals all wounds!

Speaking of wounds, Mulamwah this past weekend may have unknowingly proven he is still hurting from his breakup with baby mama; a woman he says he impregnated and waited for her to give birth – just so he can dump her for allegedly playing him when they were dating.

Well, when a man says something like that, youre left with alot of questions…like looking back, was it worth it?

Anyway one year down and im guessing Mulamwah regrets his decisions since he cant access his kid following his ugly breakup with Sonnie. Just to prove hiw bad things are, Mulamwah told off his baby mama in a post aimed at celebrating Keilah’s first birthday where he told Carrol;

 Asante lakini mama K kwa kumlea vizuri, just make it easier to co parent akae fiti – lets nit have happy pictures online with sad realities & don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job.

Mama Keilah responds

Well, i guess Mulamwah is just special in his own way (and when i say special, you know wjay i mean) cause damn – who says that? But again – you’d be surprised at the huge number of baby daddies with similar characters like that of Mulamwah…so yea – it may sound biased but most women who have walked this earth have suffered!

Anyway responding to her baby daddy’s claims of using Keilah as strategy to make easy money, Carrol Sonnie told Nicholas Kioko;

Sasa nitamtumiaje mtoto wangu kama kazi. Keilah is a brand, mimi ni brand so we are two brands trying to make life easier for both of us. Lazima tutafute unga.

This comes just hours after Carrol announced daughter to have landed an ambassadorial job with a ceetain store selling kids outfits.


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