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Cartoon comedian beaten black and blue by goons allegedly hired by Diana Bahati (Video)

February 07, 2022 at 10:14
Cartoon comedian beaten black and blue by goons allegedly hired by Diana Bahati (Video)

So we have reason to believe that Diana Marua and Cartoon comedian don’t like each other. Actually, it’s the other way round if you ask me. This is because, Diana Marua has been feeling some type of way thanks to Cartoon comedian who keeps basing her comic content around Diana B.

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So far we have seen Cartoon comedian indirectly throw shade at Diana B’s struggling vocals – but again, don’t all comedians do this?

However, judging from Cartoon’s latest video showing injuries received from a serious beating; the comedian makes it known that Diana B doesn’t appreciate trolls and if you do so – then there is a price to pay.

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Cartoon comedian beaten

And now I’m guessing the swollen face amd black eye on Cartoon’s face were the price she paid for her videos on Diana B; which explains why fans are now leaving nasty comments on Diana Marua pages.

Cartoon Comedian not ready to back down

Anyway, although the Cartoon doesn’t specifically point out that it’s Diana Marua she is accusing of sending goons to beat her up; the fact that she said;

Yaani ju tu yakusema mtu hana vocals, alinitumanishia watu wanipige. Is that right really? Juu tu yakusema mtu hana talent. Juzi tu nimepost mtu hana talent. Amenitumanishia watu waniharibu sura.

confirms that yea – it’s your favorite rapper Diana B.

At this point it’s hard to tell why the these two can’t seem to stand each other on social media but were not complaining since it’s showbiz.

But again, out of everyone that has picking on her for the past few years, why is it that Diana Marua decided for attack Cartoon comedian? Maybe cause she’s young? Or is just an easy target considering she’s just starting up?


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