Cashy Karimi takes a swipe at Khaligraph Jones wife, reveals she was the side chic not the other way round

At this point I think I can say being a bitter baby mama is not such a good look. It literally brings out the worst in you and no matter how much pain you’re in – those watching on the sidelines will view you as a crazy @$$ dramatic woman. If you doubt me, ask Maureen Waititu.

Yea Yea baby daddies can also be annoying but in our society – the man never really takes blame. For some reason, most baby daddies will continue living comfortably without being judged and some even upgrade their lifestyles – yet you’re just there yapping and throwing shade because of child support – and in the end you prove him right….the crazy baby mama refusing to let go.

I mean it’s not worth the drama. However you and I know that – but clearly Khaligraph Jones baby mama is having trouble accepting the guy isn’t just into their son; or maybe because of her current behavior – he would stay away from the child due to his mum’s rants.

For a while now, Cashy Karimi has been attacking Khaligraph for neglecting their son and after she introduced a white man – we all thought – finally she’s found someone who will finally help her move on and forward. But clearly Cashy isn’t about to give Khaligraph Jones and his new family peace.

Xolani hanging out with mum (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Attacks Georgina Muteti

The latest drama involving Cashy sees her attack Georgina Muteti (khaligraph’s new found love) for referring to Khaligraph as the best daddy ever. Georgina revealed this about Khaligraph while marking his 32nd birthday – but now her Simple post has sparked drama.

Looking at the whole scenario, I’m just wondering why would Cashy attack Georgina? I mean that’s how Khaligraph is in Georgina’s eyes right? The perfect man, best daddy and above all the lover she always dreamt of – so why get attacked for no reason?

Cashy bitter with Georgina too?

Well having come across Georgina’s post – Cashy on the other hand picked up her drama from where she had left off; and this time around all she wanted to do is reveal that her son was born way before Amali was born – meaning Georgina got involved with Khaligraph knowing very well he was still with her (Cashy.)

This is real timeline

Xolani- born September 2018 by me

The next birth – June 2019 not by me

Age difference….months. SMH and mnasema best Darry. Kwendeni sana.


Not that he is the first man to pull such a stunt – but someone clearly needs to help Cashy calm down…the guy left and forcing a child on him won’t bring him back either. At least that’s what netizens are saying….but then again….she

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