“Charlene Ruto Is A Serial Liar,” Kenyans React to Her Smokie-Selling Story

Being a rich man’s daughter comes with it’s own advantages. You’ll grow up being a spoiled child; getting all the goodies you’d want.

Those raised in wealthy households generally live in wealthier neighborhoods. These neighborhoods typically have better school systems & more Resources – The rich obviously have more resources.

President Ruto’s daughter, Charlene, is one of the kids who were lucky enough to get a good life; judging from her father’s wealth.

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But recently, Charlene left everyone flabbergasted after claiming that she sold ‘Kachumbari‘ and smokie while she was in the University.

The video has received mixed reactions among Kenyans including those who she was addressing.

A section of the audience is heard in the video dismissing her claims saying “hiyo ni uongo, aaai mtoto wa deputy president? Hapo umetubeba ujinga”

Her University days were in tandem with her father’s period as Deputy President; so there was no way she could do such an odd job.

Most successful people tend to pretend that they started off as broke & from poor backgrounds. This was the case with Charlene. And not everyone is buying her sentiments.

She has been denigrated heavily over the same. To be honest, it doesn’t make sense. Selling smokies while your dad is a deputy President? Doesn’t make sense, right? Charlene is obviously taking us for a ride.


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