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Checkout Betty Kyallo’s sexy back workout routine!

March 25, 2020 at 15:15
Checkout Betty Kyallo’s sexy back workout routine!

Ms Betty Kyallo is on a mission to bring her sexy back just a few weeks ago after fans on social media trolled her for the sudden weight gain.

Well, it all started with Betty posting a photo rocking a yellow tube dress that apparently did not look so good with her figure.

Betty Kyallo figure in yellow dress


Fans on social couldn’t hold back from troll her for looking ‘shapeful’ courtesy of her yellow dress.

Betty Kyallo weight loss journey

After fans pointed out that the news anchor needed to work on her body; Betty is now an active woman when it comes to working out in order to bring her sexy back!

Through her Instagram stories, the mother of one has been sharing her weight loss journey with fans.

Work out by Betty Kyallo

And so far we understand that she is focused on reducing her upper body with several workout routines that include; sit ups, crunches, side planks among others.

She has lately been sharing videos showing fans how she handles her workout sessions at home; and from the look of things, Ms Betty is slowly shading off her unwanted weight.

Betty Kyallo weight loss plan

Baby fat struggle

If you remember well, Betty Kyallo’s weight struggle started back in 2015 after welcoming her baby girl Ivanna!

My work was to take care of Ivanna – Betty´s former nanny states

Since then, Betty Kyallo has been struggling to shed off the unwanted weight; and now that she is working out then I bet this will be helpful for the news anchor and fans who are following her every step!


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