Ciru Muriuki Opens Up About Being Laid Off From BBC

Ciru Muriuki, a well-known media personality, has finally spoken out about being laid off from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

In a post on her social media, Muriuki acknowledged that she was among the employees who were affected by a recent round of layoffs at the international media company.

“I was laid off, or in other words, I was retrenched,” Muriuki said. “I had been working at this large international media company for five years, and last year they informed the entire staff that they wanted to change direction and take a digital-first approach. As a result, some roles would be made redundant. I am currently an underemployed journalist.”

Muriuki went on to say that she was “shocked and disappointed” by the news, but that she was “determined to move on” and “find a new opportunity.”

“I am grateful for the five years I spent at the BBC,” she said. “I learned a lot and met some amazing people. I am now looking forward to the next chapter in my career.”

Muriuki’s layoff is just one example of the many job losses that have been happening in the media industry in recent years. As the industry continues to shift towards digital, many traditional media companies have been forced to lay off staff in order to save money.

Muriuki’s story is a reminder of the challenges that journalists are facing in today’s ever-changing media landscape. However, it is also a story of resilience and determination. Muriuki is a talented journalist, and I am confident that she will find a new opportunity where she can continue to use her skills and talents.

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