Colonel Mustafa receives 1 million Kshs from Jaguar

Image: Video of ailing Starehe MP Jaguar in hospital raises concern

Colonel Mustafa was revealed to be struggling under the burdens of financial hardships after he fell off and could no longer make enough money from his projects to sustain himself. And to add on top of his woes was the fact his mother was suffering from cancer and he had to take care of her.

Kibe rubbishes Colonel Mustafa plea for help

He preferred to get work as a manual labourer at a mjengo rather than begging Kenyans for help and that is something a lot of Kwenyans appreciated and they themselves encouraged him to ask for help.

Colonel Mustafa took the initiative to request help and he told Kenyans to contribute some money to help him. And some of the people who have responded was a former Ogopa DJ artist and Starehe MP and current CAS, Jaguar.

Ezekiel Mutua reaches out to Colonel Mustafa, offers help

Jaguar and his friends have raised 1 million shillings that they intend to give Colonel Mustafa so he can get himself put together:


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