Comedian Njuguna fathered a secret love child? 

Comedian Timothy Njuguna, commonly referred to as Njugush, has one child whom everybody knows. But there is a possibility the comedian has a secret love child.

Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda were blessed with their first child sometimes in March 2018. The couple has been keen not to post photos of their son’s face on social media.

Njuguna and his son
Njuguna and his son
A secret love child?

A tweep by the name Bota Nyakunu shared a photo of a baby who bears uncanny resemblance to Njuguna and claimed that the comedian fathered the child.

“‘My brother Blessed Njugush you can’t resist this.We will look for you everywhere you will hide including Viusasa and come for your child. Is it you bro?” Bota Nyakunu tweeted.

Njuguna replied saying that they would meet in court;




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