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“All comedians working at Churchill will die poor” Former renown comedian fires at Churchill

April 24, 2017 at 12:42

Hot 96 radio presenter Raptcha is not happy with Churchill aka Daniel Ndambuki. He claims that Churchill is behind the reason why most of the comedians who work for him are still broke despite showing how gifted they are.

Raptcha who was part of Churchill show in the past says that Daniel Ndambuki fails to pay his comedians what they truly deserve and so far he is using this money to enrich himself.

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Raptcha had an outburst on twitter saying that the late Ayeiya did not deserve to have a fundraising judging from how hard he had been working. He went on to say that Ayeiya is a man who could have had his own good money only if he was being paid right.

In the series of tweets shared by Rapcha, it is easy to tell that he believes that Daniel Ndambuki has been using his comedian’s talent to enrich himself. According to him, these comedians pretend to be happy to avoid losing their jobs yet they have a right to speak up.

He tweeted…
I’ll say this again every comedian that performs at Churchill show will die poor, Mark this tweet… 

Seems that what triggered his outburst is seeing Churchill and his comedians plan a fundraising to raise money for the comedian yet he



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