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Confirmed! Comedian Oga Obinna Replaces Jalang’o At Kiss FM

March 07, 2022 at 05:56
Confirmed! Comedian Oga Obinna Replaces Jalang'o At Kiss FM

It’s official! The long search for the next ‘Jalang’o’ at famous station Kiss FM is finally over and talented stand-up comedian and emcee Oga Obinna has clinched the presenter’s seat. The 31 year old will now host the Morning Kiss in tandem with Kamene Goro. This is after Jalango’s exit from media to focus on his political ambition.

Obinna shared a detailed post on his Instagram stating it was a dream come true for him to work at Kiss in the Breakfast Show.

”Village Boy,working and chilling with the big Boyz, someone wake me up before nisusu on the bed abeg this dream is so surreal,” part of his message read.

The funnyman also shared a long testimony on how he had manifested the dream even after being fired & mistreated severally, maintaining it was a blessing in disguise for him;

”One man’s TRASH is another man’s TREASURE. Wheh!! I have been REJECTED,FIRED,MISTREATED,GOSIPED,LAUGHED AT!! Not once,not twice,told how I wasn’t worthy blah blah…however as I look back I realise all these have been blessings. They made me stronger,made me work harder and made me better. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone that FIRED me,PUSHED me away,CANCELLED me or MISTREATED me In a Personal or Professional position, ASANTENI. Without that I wouldn’t have worked harder maybe😜.
My whole life from childhood,to school to work I’ve always faced hard huddles and toxic energy but somehow God just comes thru when the devil thinks he has won…”

Oga Obinna replaces Jalang’o at Kiss FM-Instagram (Courtesy)

He also encouraged his fans not to give up & look forward to God’s blessings;

”This time our God did it again. He has done it for me and you should be grateful and rejoicing as you warm up coz he is in the neighbourhood. You my friend,workmate,fan he is coming for you next. This moment when you are at your lowest is when he will do his MIRACLE. Don’t give up..sit tight. We are already at the bottom and there is only one way to go..UP.”

Congratulations to the jester on his new job!




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