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Conjestina Achieng back to roaming Nairobi streets like a homeless person after leaving rehab (Photo)

November 26, 2020 at 18:34

A few weeks ago sports media personality Carol Radull announced that she had taken it upon herself to have Conjestina treated andĀ rehabilitated in Nairobi. The presenter through her IG page went on to on to announce this saying;

Conjestina and Carol Radull

Hi Guys.. A few weeks ago I visited Boxing Superstar Conjestina Achieng at her home in Yala. As you all know she was not okay and many of you asked how you could assist.

Of course, Conjestina being a recognized boxer who represented Kenya during international matches; there are those who would have hoped to step in financially and for this reason Radull went on to add;

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Alot has happened over the past month and she is now two weeks into a 3 month treatment programme and progress is good. But the treatment is expensive and we need your support to see her through this as we also try and fill the gaps that were causing her to relapse. Details at or simply spare what you can to the details on the flier. Please spread the word as well šŸ™šŸ¼ #SupportConjestina.

3 months down the line

Having been 3 months since Radull posted the message shared above; one of Edgar’s following has come out to reveal that Conjestina is back to struggling. However this time around Conjestina is not in Yala division, Siaya District but in Nairobi, babadogo.

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According to the fan who shared the photo with Edgar, she claims that the former has been roaming around that area; and clearly all is not well. However judging from how she is dressed; one wouldn’t really say Conje is suffering – for all we know is that she could have been taking a short walk around the area.

As for now we await for those who brought her to Nairobi to address the photo below; since Kenyans clearly still care for her.

Conje in Kayole area


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